Speed Optimization


Optimizing the speed of your site is the primary factor leading to the success of your business. It is a fact that the slow pages discourage the visitor from looking for alternatives. However, it should be noted that a properly structured page can make the visitor overlook the lateness.

Lightning-fast page load speed amplifies visitor engagement, retention, and boosts sales. Instantaneous website response leads to higher conversion rates, and every 1 second delay in page load decreases customer satisfaction by 16 percent, page views by 11 percent and conversion rates by 7 percent according to a recent Aberdeen Group research.

Our team offers you the following services for you:

a) Lossless Optimization of images
b) Use GZIP and Minify JS/CSS
c) Install and configure caching plugins
d) Upload to Amazon S3, images and any heavy files (Requires access to client’s Amazon S3 account)